Camera Systems

Censor Security provides camara systems to match your needs.Censor Services is committed to staying in the forefront of technological innovations to provide practical, yet cost-appropriate solutions for you. We have earned a top-notch reputation for our integration of cutting-edge camera surveillance systems in a variety of environments. Property security is improved while maintaining your bottom line with customized security video systems from Censor Services. We offer you solutions from a multitude of reliable technology platforms, including:

  • CCTV digital cameras with secure web interface
  • Video surveillance systems, LAN/WAN connectivity, and audio channels
  • Fixed and dynamic motion digital cameras (pan, tilt and zoom)
  • Video surveillance with integrated audio channels
  • Low light and Infra-red camera systems
  • Remote security platforms (via IP monitored cameras and systems)
  • Electronic surveillance reports
  • Digital identification systems
  • Nanny cam (silent guard)
  • Permanent camera systems

    Event activated surveillance and digital recording
  • Temporary covert video equipment installation
  • Permanent video equipment installation

Deterring crime and fraud, improving efficiency and lowering liability insurance rates are a few of the ways our security systems can help. 


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