We give customers multi-options, like monitor center, we can provide ADT,CounterForce,Lanvac ,even self-monitor by cell.

Monthly fee from $0 to $50 depends on the service you ordered.

If you already have good working equipments, we can help you to reactive it and connect to LANVAC monitor center (support Engligh/French/Mandarin/Cantonese), activation fee is $90, monthly fee lower to $9.99, no contract at all.

if you only have voip phone in your home, the phone can be supported to report alarm to monitor center, you can either select GSM module (prevent cut cable) or upgrade equipments to support self-monitor( no monthly fee).

Give us a call, we give you free estimation and surprise discount!  
647-308-3466 Allen.

New cusomter with no equipments

Reactive your old system


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