• KX-TVM50 Model:KX-TVM50
    KX-TVA50 - Panasonic KX-TVA50 Voice Mail System Works with Panasonic Systems Past or Present  


Panasonic KXTVA50 Voicemail System

  • Integration with all Panasonic phone systems (past or present)
  • Includes PC Programming Software for Local or Remote Administration VIA USB, LAN (optional using KX-TVA594) or dial up modem (optional using KX-TVA296)
  • 2 ports (expandable up to 6 using KX-TVA502 or KX-TVA503)
    o Maximum 2 port capacity for KX-TA624 & KX-TA824 only
  • 4 hours message storage (expandable up to 8 using KX-TVA524)
  • Automated attendant
  • Call screening (allows screening of incoming calls)
  • Live call screening (allows real time screening of messages being left)
  • Remote live call screening (DPITS only)
  • Callback number entry
  • Call control based on Caller ID (including announcement of who's calling, separate mailbox greetings, and routing of calls to destinations based on Caller ID)
  • Covering extension (allows callers to reach back-up/cover party from mailbox greeting)
  • Custom service (allows callers to select options based on recorded menu with keypad options)
  • Direct mailbox access (DPITS and APITS) (allows mailbox owners to access their mailbox automatically based on extension number, Caller ID, DID's or incoming lines)
  • Email integration (allows voicemail messages to be emailed as wave files to mailbox owner)
  • Enhanced message notification (mailbox owner can be notified of new messages even when they are not on site)
  • Fax detection (allows Fax calls to be routed to predetermined locations on any line eliminating the need for a dedicated fax lines)
  • Holiday service (allows different greetings and services based on programmable dates)
  • Intercom paging (allows mailbox owners to be "paged" to notified of a waiting call)
  • Interview service (allows calls to answer list of questions)
  • Light message waiting lamp
  • Two-way record (DPITS & APITS) (allows mailbox owners to record calls into their mailbox)
  • Two-way transfer (DPITS and APITS) (allows mailbox owners to record calls into other people's mailboxes)
  • Dial by name (allows callers to locate mailbox owners by entering name)
  • Group delivery (allows messages to be delivered to select groups of mailbox owners)
  • Message transfer (with or without comments)
  • Day/Night service (allows different caller options and messages based on time of day)
  • Remote call forwarding set (DPITS only) (allows mailbox owners to change the forwarding on their phone from off site)
  • Activity reports (mailbox information, call account, port usage, HDD usage, mailbox usage, fax call, call handling statistics, custom service, message status, subscriber setup, security information, hourly statistics and email)
  • Multiple Mailbox Greetings (after hours / busy / no answer/ temporary)
  • Mailbox protection VIA user set password
  • Message control (erase / fast forward / pause / playback / repeat / rewind / save / scan / skip)
  • Message Information Envelope (includes time/ date/ caller ID)
  • Private messages (allows callers to mark messages as "private")
  • Reply to subscriber(s) (allows mailbox owners to send reply message other mailbox owners)
  • Auto message move / copy (allows messages to be copied/ moved to other mailboxes)
  • Broadcast message (allows for single message to be left for ALL mailbox owners)
  • Call transfer status (allows mailbox owner to select which options are given to callers when calls are transferred)
  • Time synchronization with PBX (DPITS only) (allows Panasonic Voicemail system to be automatically be changed when Panasonic Phone System has time change)
  • Coverage mode - busy / no answer (allows callers to be handled differently based on condition of mailbox owner trying to be reached)
  • Daylight saving time assignment
  • General delivery mailbox (for callers that are unsure to whom they need to speak)
  • Multiple Mailbox Types including Guest, Interview, Message manager, Subscriber and System manager mailboxes
  • Multiple company greetings
  • Operator service - day / night (allows operator destination to differ between day and night modes)
  • Quick set-up (allows for easy integration and mailbox creation)
  • Remote change of company greeting (allows system manager to change greeting from off site)
  • Multi-lingual prompts (Spanish prompts included, others available)
  • Up to 64 mailboxes Unlimited number of messages
  • Up to 360 second personal greeting message length
  • 1 - 30 days or unlimited system message retention time (programmable)
  • 1 - 60 minute maximum message length (programmable)
  • Digital, In-band, "None" integration mode types (allows integration with Panasonic phone systems, 3rd party PBX, or even direct connection to loop start lines)
  • 2 conductor telephone line integration with modular connector (RJ-11C)
  • Dimensions - 9-13/16" W x 12-7/16" H x 2-7/8" D
  • DTMF dialing method (Rotary telephone service routing available)
  • Flash time - 100/300/600/900 msec (programmable)
  • CPC detection - None/6.5/150/300/450/600 msec (programmable)
  • Main CPU - 32-bit microprocessor
  • Pause time - 100ms to 9900ms (programmable)
  • 2 - 5 digits extension numbering (programmable)
  • Additional Features and Specifications can be found under "Documents" Tab


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