1. What is self monitor? How much is it?

If you don't want to pay monthly fee, you still can monitor your system by self monitor. you need have a phone (any phone), we will install new system to support self monitor, Anytime you can setup max 5 numbers to call when alarm happened. One time installtion free for ever!

Right now only Paradox support this feature, so if you really want to it ,you have to install new paradox system or replace your system's panel and keypad with Paradox , you still can use common sensors.

2. Which brand equipments I should use?
DSC,Honeywell,Parardox's alarm products are all ULC certified , supported by ULC certified monitor centers.

ADT,Counterforce,Lanvac ,they are all monitor service providers, they don't make products,only support ULC certified products.


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